“One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4” will join the new playable roles: sihuangkaiduo and aunt

  According to gematsu, a new issue of “junior jump” confirmed that capo and his mother, two of the four emperors, will join “One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4” in a role that can be manipulated.   When he was young,… Read More

New screenshot of “One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4” : white macawendishu, cannibal bartolomio

  Today, officials show a new set of screenshots of “One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4” . Among them, “white horse” Cavendish and “cannibal” bartolomio appear to see the two lovers!   before “Weekly junior jump” confirmed the two new roles,… Read More

“Doom: Eternal” does not include the death contest because it conflicts with the game style

According to foreign media gamespot, the producer of “Doom: Eternal” said in an interview that the game will not include the death contest, which is not a “doom” at all. Although the death match model was launched in… Read More

Producer “Doom: Eternal” talks about overtime: it’s a common practice that no one forces me

In a recent JRE interview, Hugo Martin, creative director of id software, talked about the overtime phenomenon of “Doom: Eternal” in the development stage. Martin said he was not forced to work overtime, and in his view making… Read More

“NIOH2” monster introduction: the lovely kitten is good at wiping and becoming the wood spirit of the ghost

  The honorable tekumo official blog introduced to us the lovely little demons in “NIOH2” , namely “good at wiping” and “evil spirit”. Let’s get to know them.   It’s a round, cat like monster. It is characterized by a… Read More

“NIOH2” “wutiangou” monster skill introduction: take off and dive

  The official micro blog of glorious tekumo released the introduction of “NIOH2” ‘s new monster technology. As a result of an anti wooden Mianhe Guhuo bird in the previousarticleIt has been mentioned that the main information of this… Read More

“Doom: Eternal” creative director: there are ideas about the next work

Hugo Martin, creative director of “Doom: Eternal” , said in an interview with Joe Rogan experienc that they already have ideas about the next work, but it’s hard to say when they will fully enter the development of… Read More

The epidemic affected the production of VR kits of group V “Half-Life:Alyx” , and the replenishment volume before the sale was far lower than the expectation of group v

  Valve confirmed to media roadtovr today that due to the impact of the new coronavirus epidemic, the production of head equipment and peripheral hardware of VR suite of V society has been affected. And valve also said it… Read More

“Half-Life:Alyx” m on March 24

  VR game “Half-Life:Alyx” will be sold on steam on March 24. It has been opened before the pre purchase of the game, and is still in the process of 10% off discount. The original price is 163 yuan,… Read More

The sales volume of value VR equipment index is hot. After the announcement of “Half-Life:Alyx” , the proportion of sales exceeds 70%

  According to foreign media VG247, the value VR equipment index has a hot foreign sales volume, and after the announcement of “Half-Life:Alyx” , the sales accounted for more than 70%.   According to super data’s 2019 VR / AR… Read More