Two heads of skeletons appear in the online of the great escort in the wilderness

  Recently, many players in the “wilderness escort online” encountered some strange things: being attacked by two headed skeletons.

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  As early as in the steam forum, someone reported that he had been attacked by a double headed skull. When he took out his gun and started to fight back, a brown bear suddenly appeared and killed him. After that, more and more players reported that they also encountered such a situation, some even tried to capture a double skull.

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  According to some netizens’ feedback, these phenomena are likely to be the trick of hackers. Some people also suggest looking up at the sky the next time you encounter a double headed skeleton. These hackers are likely to sit in the hot air ball in the sky and watch the tiger fight happily. And all you have to do is try to report them.

  As this behavior has seriously affected the experience of other players, R star has been trying to ban.

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  The proposer also found a screenshot from a hacker’s profile of ban. The owner of the account sat in the hot-air balloon in the screenshot, and the interface was equipped with MOD menu. This mod menu can easily make them invisible, super jump, infinite endurance, add models of various characters to the game, and even “steal money”.

This “Red Dead: Redemption 2” makes the game more realistic and can make NPC lame

  Recently, fitfundue and Hugh Janus launched a “ped damage overhaul” mod for “Red Dead: Redemption 2” . Let’s get to know it.

  Mod download address > > >

  According to reports, this mod can significantly change the behavior of NPC in the game and bring more challenging experience for players. With this mod installed, popping heads is the only way to knock NPC down quickly, because their ability to withstand damage is greatly enhanced, they can persist for a longer time in the bleeding state, and they also have a stronger flame resistance. This requires the player to be very careful when robbing the camp, because if there are NPC alive, the legal sanctions will be very interested in you.

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  This mod also allows the NPC to react when hit in the leg. If you are hit in the leg while running or sprinting, NPC may stumble or fall directly. It is worth mentioning that this mod allows players to set their own parameters. If your default setting is too difficult, you can also modify it in the INI file. You can also make NPC change as soon as you touch it. Try it!

A female horse has grown something that she shouldn’t have

  In the game of “Red Dead: Redemption 2” , many details of R star design are amazing. Careful netizens also find that the eggs of horses will even expand and contract with the temperature.

  Today, reddit netizen rampaje76 found a magic bug in online of the great escort in the wild. He found that a mare has something that doesn’t belong to him, but there is no such bug in his friend’s screen, which makes people very confused.

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  ”Another bug has been found in the game, but at least this one is interesting,” the netizen said helplessly

“Borderlands 3” releases patch update to fix problems such as PC open mirror jamming

  Gearbox officially launched a new patch for “Borderlands 3” , and solved some problems in the game, including performance, UI, etc. in addition, the skill of boss killavolt will let the current cover the whole ground, which makes many players complain, and gearbox has also modified it. The following is the focus of this update:

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Performance fix:

  (PC only) reduces the material to be generated when aiming with a sight;

  It solves a feedback problem that some users often get stuck when browsing a large number of friends list;

  Increase the overall stability;

Repair and improvement:

  It solves a feedback problem that killavolt will not disable the floor around him when using the shield storm attack, which causes the whole ground to activate current.

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  It solves a potential schedule problem in the task “giant’s footsteps”.

  Fixed a feedback problem where the guard level may not be effective or tokens become negative.

  The improved vending machine can classify goods according to their rarity.

  FOV is now set to 75 by default, which does not affect players who have already started the game.

  Special text hints (tediore guns, “critical”, “immune”) are now localized correctly.

  It solves the feedback problem that the power of some players’ vehicles will continue to the next map.

  It solves the bug that “porcelain tube bomb” causes multiple explosions when colliding with objects.

“Borderlands 3” updated, zann strengthened, various injury data soared

  We have previously reported that “Borderlands 3” was weak in the later stagePlayers complainFor one thing, gearbox yesterday made a round of balance adjustment on “Borderlands 3” . In this update, Zane’s personal injury has gained a certain degree of buff, and the UAV has also been strengthened. Amara and fl4k also made some adjustments.

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Secret Hunter adjustment:


  ·Digital clone’s damage increased by 38%

  ·UAV damage increased by 50%

  -Remove the damage penalty of frozen bombs

  -UAV rocket damage increased by 50%

  -All round cannon damage increased by 75%


  ·Guardian angel’s HP recovery reduced from 100% to 50%

  ·Enchantment damage penalty reduced from 30% to 10%


  ·Guerrilla duration in fog reduced from 8 seconds to 6 seconds

  ·Guerrillas’ critical damage bonus in fog reduced from 50% to 25%

  This round of changes also made a lot of buffs to sniper rifles. In addition, the weapon values of several weapon factories have increased or decreased.

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Sniper rifle

  ·Critical damage increased by 20%
  ·15% faster
  ·Sight time reduced by 15%
  ·Equipment switching time reduced by 20%


  ·All tediore pistols deal 15% more damage
  ·Damage increased by 15% for all Dahl pistols
  ·20% more damage for all children of the vault pistols
  ·Jakobs pistol damage reduced by 15%
  ·Torgue pistol damage reduced by 10%

Maliwan weapon

  ·All maliwan weapons damage increased by 25%
  ·All maliwan weapons have a 25% increase in fire rate

Atlas weapon

  ·All atlas weapons damage increased by 25%

Miscellaneous weapon adjustments

  ·Jakobs assault rifle damage increased by 20%
  ·Dahl’s SMG weapon damage increased by 10%
  ·Vladof heavy weapon damage increased by 25%
  ·Tediore’s E-TECH shotgun damage increased by 50%

“Borderlands 3” responds to Rhys’s voice change by insisting that the original actor refuses to cooperate

  In April of this year, Troy Baker, the former voice actor of “the land of no owners” Rhys, and Randy Pitchford, CEO of the developer gearbox“Mutual tear” incidentIt was so noisy that the two sides dumped each other on Rhys dubbing in “Borderlands 3” . Troy said that the other side did not leave the Union and could not participate in non union performances. Randy said Troy refused the invitation.

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  Five months later, gearbox released a statement to ign today to respond again.

  ”Troy is an extraordinary genius, and to our disappointment, he refused to cooperate with “Borderlands 3” ,” the statement said. We wish him every success and hope that he understands that the cooperation proposal remains valid. Gearbox is a Texas based company and is governed by Texas law. This means that a person cannot be denied employment because of membership or non membership of a union or other labor organization. As a talent owning and talent led organization, gearbox works actively to ensure that our wages and working conditions meet or exceed Union standards. We also firmly believe that we can hire local dubbing actors as long as we have the conditions, which is why we are excited. Troy’s career after working with us has really taken off. “

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  Gearbox has also provided a link to the Texas attorney general’s website and the Texas labor law websitelink

  Troy has no further response on the matter. Troy said at that time that it had nothing to do with money, it was not a scheduling problem, it was that gearbox was not willing to go through the labor union, and he was unable to do non union performances. He had been waiting for the other party to communicate, but the other party did not.

“Borderlands 3” anniversary activity boss Week opens, legendary items drop rate increases

  For the 10th anniversary of the series of “the land of no owner”, “Borderlands 3” will open an activity for five weeks and present a variety of good gifts.

“Borderlands 3” Chinese official website address > >

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Official announcement of land without owner:

  Secret hunter, you have come a long way. Ten years have passed since the debut of “land without owner” on October 20, 2009. In the past decade, we have fought bravely to kill enemies and seize treasures in Pandora and the universe. We warmly welcome you to join “Borderlands 3” , no matter you are loyal old fans or novices. As a token of appreciation, we will hold a five week anniversary of the land of no owner. During the whole period of October and early November, the secret Hunters (no matter what their level) can start all kinds of spoils and gifts by playing “Borderlands 3” .

  In the next five weeks from today, we all have our own theme in “Borderlands 3” . We encourage you to be more active in the game and get more gifts. The first week of activity has now started with the theme of “boss week”, which will end at 23:59 on October 8, 2019, Beijing time, at which time the theme activity of the second week will begin. In boss week, the chance of some bosses dropping special legendary items will increase. The following is a complete list of boss’s fallen legendary trophies:

  The spokesperson has a higher chance to drop the Gatling gun

  Kiravov has a higher chance of dropping “brainstormer”

  Wisdom center has a higher chance to drop “Yongtian”

  Katakawa giant ball has a higher chance to drop “electrified person”

  Katakawa has a higher chance to drop the legendary class module (for all secret hunters)

  Angry people have a higher chance to drop “ghost fire”

  Warden has a higher chance to drop “echo”

  Jean 44 has a higher chance of dropping “ten gallons”

  Aurelia has a higher chance of dropping “crawling death”

  Grave guards have a higher chance to drop “ear maggots”

  Pain and fear have a higher chance to drop the legendary class module (for all secret hunters)

  Troy has a higher chance to drop the “bernabell explosion”

  Teri has a higher chance to drop “bitch”

More anniversary programs:

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Players in “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” data mining out new content: new upgrades and diving play

According to Nintendo everything, ninji, the data mining tweeter, recently found suspected future game updates in the files and code of “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” . It includes Museum upgrades, new areas, buildings and vegetables and shrubs that can be planted.

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However, it should be noted that these excavated content may not be loaded in the game later. How to wait for official news.

Data mining content:

– two additional Museum upgrades
– three levels of museums (except tents) have one art exhibition area
– new buildings: museum shops and Museum cafes
The fox “Redd” who sells works of art seems to have a boat on the Secret Beach in the north of the island. This special area is known as “n つ”
– shrubs will return, including azalea, hibiscus, hibiscus, holly, hydrangea, camellia, osmanthus
– vegetables that can be harvested: tomatoes, wheat, sugar cane, potatoes, carrots, pumpkins
– there is a “seafood” animal page in the code with 33 items, but at present, only clams are available in the game
– you can get fish (different from what you catch) and seaweed by diving
– the purchase order code shows “cgardening”, “cmuseum” (maybe museum store), “crealeestate” and “CGallery”, and the game may update the corresponding store in the future
– there is a game report function with three variables in the code, including: get_ recipe_ DIY (DIY formula), get_ recipe_ Clothing, get_ recipe_ Cooking. At present, only DIY is actually installed, so the other two may be in the plan

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“Animal Crossing: New Horizons” super “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” returns to the first Japanese geo sales list

According to the statistics of geo stores in Japan, the sales data of about 1200 stores last week (April 13-19) was released, and “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” returned to the first place.

“Animal Crossing: New Horizons” , released five weeks ago, has returned to No. 1. The cumulative sales volume of the work on geo has surpassed that of switch’s “Nintendo Star Wars Special Edition”, becoming the No. 1 sales volume.

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“Final Fantasy VII Remake” , the second-largest player in sales last week, boosted sales of the PS4.

TOP 10

First (second last week)

“Animal Crossing: New Horizons”

Second (first of last week)

“Final Fantasy VII Remake”

Third (third last week)

Biochemical crisis 3 remake Z version

Fourth (fourth last week)

Unique pirate 4 (PS4)

Fifth (fifth last week)

Unique pirates 4 (NS)

Sixth (sixth last week)

Mario 8 luxury

Seventh (Ninth last week)

Nintendo Star Wars Special Edition

Eighth (eighth last week)

RenWang 2

Ninth (10th last week)

My world

10th (12th last week)

Super Mario party

T1 official shared “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” team kit players changed to faker

T1 official twitter today shared a group of T1 players’ uniforms of “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” version. The front of the black top is the team logo of T1, and the back is the name of each player. In addition, there are hats, pink tops and another black top.

Players who like this suit can go to the tailor’s shop in the game and enter the code to download at my design exhibition cabinet.

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