“Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate” display name when a specific team is formed with gain trigger

  Today, the matchless snake official tweeted the “Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate” team formation effect intelligence. A specific team will have a gain effect.   When the team completes a specific combination, it will get a special gain effect. In… Read More

Interview with producer “Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate” : Yang Jianhui interacts with Wukong, etc

  Zhuang Zhiyan, producer of “Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate” , interviewed the media last weekend and answered the questions about the new role Yang Jian and the player of Tianqiu. The following are the contents of this interview.   Q:… Read More

“Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate” Yang Jian, a beautiful man with open style

  The latest issue of “famiton” has exposed the image and weapon of Yang Jian, the new character of “Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate” .   Yang Jian is a Taoist in the fairyland. He is always calm, calm and insightful…. Read More

“Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate” m a special ride for clothes before the 20th

  “Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate” today atSteam storeThe price of the upgrade package is 209 yuan, while that of the luxury version is 266 yuan. If you buy the package containing the body, the ordinary version is 314 yuan,… Read More

“Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate” : JK, ashui cute, ol Daji cool

  Glorious release of “Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate” ‘s additional special clothing (official mobile phone shot) screen schematic, these clothing special is expected to go online on February 20. The characters with additional clothes are Zhou Yu, a Shi… Read More

Producer of “matchless snake 3”: Hope “matchless Three Kingdoms” returns to tactical action game

  According to gametalk, in an interview with famiton, Zhiyan Zhuang, producer and supervisor of “Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate” , said that he hoped that the “real Three unparalleled” series would return to tactical action games in the future…. Read More

“Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate” update information: additional play mode, previous BGM


“Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate” host version available today

  The latest “Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate” series “Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate” station 4 / Nintendo switch version of the glorious tekumo tactical action game was officially released on December 19 (4). The steam version of the coming soon… Read More

“Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate” will be sold on the market, steam will be sold within one week, and special items will be obtained

  “Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate” has been put on the market. The official said that this time, it will not open the pre purchase. Players can start to purchase various specials within one week after the sale. It will… Read More

“Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate” will add special clothing Zhou Yu and Daji

  Glorious tekumo announced that the latest work of the tactical action game “the double Orochi snake demon” series, “the double snake 3: the ultimate version” (Playstation ® 4 / Nintendo switch Gamma / steam ®), published on December… Read More