“Pokemon Sword/Shield” a large number of suspected stolen pictures or 400 treasure dreams

  “Pokemon Sword/Shield” will be officially launched on November 15, but the game has been leaked on the Internet for many times recently, and more and more new baokemeng has been exposed. Today, @ centroleaks, the tweeter, exposed a… Read More

“Pokemon Sword/Shield” new Baoke dream reveals rainbow pony evolution

  Yesterday, leakspokemon, the tweeter, revealed a large number of images of baokemeng in “Pokemon Sword/Shield” that have not been disclosed before. Today, the tweeter has disclosed more baokemeng images. Let’s see what new partners we will see in… Read More

“Pokemon Sword/Shield” : many new gems can be found in the dream, as well as strange power and giant crab

  It seems that some players have got “Pokemon Sword/Shield” ‘s Guide Manual and exposed many photos, including a number of unpublished new baokemeng, and the giant forms of baokemeng, such as strange force, giant crab, Laplacian, dusty mountain,… Read More

“Pokemon Sword/Shield” Limited Edition nslite real picture beast print low key

  Some retailers exposed the real pictures of “Pokemon Sword/Shield” limited edition ns Lite in advance. Japanese Packaging: Real shooting:   The limited version of NS Lite is gray as a whole, the handle buttons are blue and red respectively,… Read More

“Pokemon Sword/Shield” : the number of demonstration points is three times more than the number of likes in E3

  The E3 real machine demonstration of “Pokemon Sword/Shield” has played more than 1 million times in the oil pipe at present, but the players don’t seem to like the game. At present, the number of likes in the… Read More

Nintendo: “Pokemon Sword/Shield” preload on!

  Nintendo announced that “Pokemon Sword/Shield” was preloaded on.   The switch game “Pokemon Sword/Shield” will be launched in Japan on November 15, 2019. The domestic time for lifting the ban is 23:00 on November 14. Players who have pre… Read More

Da senzi: “Pokemon Sword/Shield” aims to be “the best Baoke dream game”

  According to Nintendo everything, in the new issue of game informer, Dami Moritz, director of “Pokemon Sword/Shield” , talked about one of the goals of the game: the best dream game.   ”We started this project with the idea… Read More

Foreign players favorite treasure can dream vote: Picacho did not enter the top 10 fire dragon first

  “Pokemon Sword/Shield” has confirmed that it will not let all baokemeng appear on the stage. Fans hope that the official can change this decision and launch a vote on reddit to let players choose their favorite baokemeng to… Read More

Designer: “Pokemon Sword/Shield” will emphasize the trainer’s own “evolution” journey

  Gita Jackson, a reporter from Kotaku, talked with Shunyi Zenda, director of “Pokemon Sword/Shield” series, and dashenzi, the designer of “Pokemon Sword/Shield” , about the theme of Baoke dream series: growth and evolution.   In the interview, Zenda Shunyi… Read More

E3 2019: “Pokemon Sword/Shield” dating is difficult to complete due to a large number of work

  Recently, “Pokemon Sword/Shield” , which will be released on November 15, 2019, participated in the e32019 game exhibition. In an interview with Famitsu, the foreign media, Zenda Shunyi, the producer of the game, and Da senzi also talked… Read More