Director of Star Wars Jedi: the fallen order: Super confidence in the quality of the game

  Last month, developer respawn and publisher EA officially released their new work “Star Wars Jedi: the fallen order of Samurai”, released the first notice and got a good response. Game director Stig Asmussen recently told Playstation magazine that… Read More

“Star Wars Jedi: the fallen order” has no micro transaction, no single player and no multiple players

  At the celebration of “Star Wars”, Vince zampella, CEO of rebirth studio, confirmed that “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen order” is a scenario driven single player game, which has no multi player playing method and does not contain any… Read More

1TB Xbox onex + Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Samurai set Amazon special only for 2178 yuan

Amazon today launched a new special event. The Xbox one X (1TB version) host + Star Wars Jedi: the fallen Samurai package is only sold for 2178 yuan. If you have Amazon Prime members, you can also save… Read More

“Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Samurai” will appear in EA play and E3

  To celebrate Star Wars day (May 4), EA announced four ways to participate in the festival. Including more Star Wars IP games for origin access, Princess Leia appearance activity of Star Wars frontline 2, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen… Read More

“Star Wars Jedi: the fallen order” or online content, which officials have said is not many

  According to the foreign media game bolt, the product information of Playstation store shows that “Star Wars Jedi: the fallen Samurai” includes optional online game content.   ”Star Wars Jedi: the fallen Samurai order” has opened a pre order… Read More

Star Wars Jedi: order of the fallen: pre purchase opening: Support PC version of Jianzhong for 366 yuan

  EA, the Star Wars Jedi: the fallen Samurai Regiment (official short Chinese translation) created by rebirth entertainment released the first notice today, and the pre purchase of major platforms was also opened. You can go to the official… Read More

EA confirms that Star Wars Jedi: the fallen order will open a new series or continue to be developed by rebirth

According to foreign media IGN, Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, said on the financial report conference call that “Star Wars Jedi: the fallen order” is “the first work in a new series”, which is the first time that… Read More

“Star Wars Jedi: the fallen order” steam standard edition history low 200 yuan discount lasts until 24

Today’s Star Wars Jedi: the fallen order opens a weekend special in steam, with the lowest price in the history of the standard edition of 200 yuan. Steam store page > > In the new third person action… Read More

Rebirth confirmation is working on a new Star Wars book or for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen order 2

  There were rumors last week that “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen order 2” was already in development. According to comicbook, EA and respawn’s job postings show that they are actually developing a new Star Wars project. Given the success… Read More

“Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Samurai regiment” concept map appreciate the stunning presentation of the beautiful world

  Kotaku collated some of the concept maps, role setting and weapon setting maps shared by artists of “Star Wars Jedi: the fallen order”. Although this is not the whole design draft of the game, you can still feel… Read More