“Sands of Salzaar” will be launched by cardio network agent mobile version or by the end of the year

Today, Han’s squirrel, the developer of “Sands of Salzaar” , announced that the work will be handed over to cardionet, which will be responsible for the distribution and operation of PC version and future mobile phone version. According… Read More

“Sands of Salzaar” m especially praised that most of the card loading, card loading and other problems have been fixed

  “Sands of Salzaar” , a domestic open world role-playing game created by Han’s squirrels, was recently launched on steam platform to start the preemptive experience. The player evaluation of the game has been published, and steam is particularly… Read More

“Sands of Salzaar” of Hanjia squirrel opened EA in advance to be the top of steam’s hot goods list

to update:   “Sands of Salzaar” has now topped steam’s top selling list. Original text:   “Sands of Salzaar” has officially landed in steam EA in advance. At present, it has 17% off promotion and price of 40 yuan. At… Read More