Biochemical crisis 2: remake the plate

Stephanie panisello, an actor who voiced Claire in “biochemical crisis 2: remake the plate”, revealed some information about the new projects he participated in during a special live broadcast of “Resident Evil 3: RE” last week, foreign media… Read More

“Resident Evil 3: RE” collection details Gil statue details

  The official blog of Playstation has released the details of “Resident Evil 3: RE” ‘s collection, which includes the statue of Jill, the set and the flip poster. Let’s get to know.   According to the official introduction, the… Read More

“Resident Evil 3: RE” against new work or officially named “Resident Evil 3: RE”

  After just exposing the cover of the game suspected to be “Resident Evil 3: RE” , NIBEL, the great God of twitter, found the information of the newly published “project resistance” in gamstat website. According to the leaked… Read More

“Resident Evil 3: RE” is revealed to be in production and expected to be released next year

  According to tubing BloggerSpawn WaveandExternal media VGCCapcom is actively developing “Resident Evil 3: RE” , which is expected to be released in 2020. It is said that “Resident Evil 3: RE” may use some materials of biochemical crisis… Read More