“Red Dead: Redemption 2” player makes mod error Arthur changes his skin, bag and bone

Recently, some foreign netizens said that when making mod in “Red Dead: Redemption 2” , Arthur’s character “bug” has become a strange kind of skin and bone. If you’ve ever seen old horror films like “Murder on videotape”,… Read More

“Red Dead: Redemption 2” online mode update: 10 legendary reward and limited time catalog products

  “Red Dead: Redemption 2” online mode is updated once again, and the 10 members of the legendary reward task series are now launched. In addition, there are new limited time Catalogue Products and this week’s selected free aiming… Read More

“Red Dead: Redemption 2” log in steam on December 5

  R star has just officially announced that “Red Dead: Redemption 2” will log on the steam platform on December 5.

“Red Dead: Redemption 2” officially log in steam store national area and unlocked on December 6

  “Red Dead: Redemption 2” has now officially logged in to steam. Currently, the pre purchase option has not been opened for the game. According to the store page, the game was released on December 6, a week from… Read More

Selected by “Red Dead: Redemption 2” : a strike in the west of the force

  Foreign media dsogaming has selected a batch of modi from “Red Dead: Redemption 2” , adding many interesting functions to the game. Let’s have a look.   1. “Amusement park mod”, this mod adds elements such as predator missile,… Read More

R Star: “Red Dead: Redemption 2” version has fixed most problems

  There have been many problems with “Red Dead: Redemption 2” version since it was released on November 5. R star has also released a series of updated patches, and now most of the problems have been fixed.   ”After… Read More

“Red Dead: Redemption 2” massive new news: professional wine peddler, rare clothing

  “Red Dead: Redemption 2” ‘s new wave of activities – including Wheeler Lawson’s listing, weekly collection, rare clothing and new professional wine dealers. New frontier profession: Wine peddler   For the desperado, the United States, which has not yet… Read More

“Red Dead: Redemption 2” m open pre order regular edition 249 yuan

  “Red Dead: Redemption 2” has now opened pre purchase on steam. According to the national store page, the price of the game is 249 yuan for ordinary version, 329 yuan for special version and 399 yuan for final… Read More

Stea“Red Dead: Redemption 2” has a lot of praise and criticism, but he can’t even open a lot of bugs

  The steam version of “Red Dead: Redemption 2” has been released today, but as it was when it first landed on the PC, there are still many problems. Due to these problems, as of the date of writing,… Read More

This “Red Dead: Redemption 2” can act as a law enforcement officer to arrest criminals and keep the peace

  In “Red Dead: Redemption 2” , players can play a desperado who ignores the law, but not everyone wants to be a criminal in the game. Recently, a team is making a “law enforcement officer” mod for the… Read More