“Planet Zoo” ‘s first DLC launched this week will include polar animals

  According to pcgamesn, “Planet Zoo” ‘s first paid DLC will be released on December 18, including new animals, new scenes and massive new content.   The first is the new animals: the Arctic wolf, the polar bear, the reindeer… Read More

“Planet Zoo” update: fix a large number of bugs and feed four animals at the same time

  “Planet Zoo” (planet Zoo) today ushered in a major update of 1.0.3, which fixed more than 400 bugs in the game and allowed players to raise four animals at the same time. Steam store page > >   This… Read More

“Planet Zoo” 8.5: satisfied Park simulation game

[game cover] Zoo star Game type: Park simulation game Game making: Frontier Game release: Frontier Game platform: PC   “Planet Zoo” is a zoo simulation game produced by the development team of roller coaster star and zoo tycoon. Players… Read More