Ign comments “Phoenix Point” 7: great idea, but need to be fine tuned and balanced

[game cover] Game name: Phoenix point Game type: Strategy Game making: snapshot games Game release: snapshot games Game platform: PC / xboxone   Ign evaluated the turn based strategy game “XCOM: Chimera Squad” led by Julian gollop, the father… Read More

“Phoenix Point” failed to log in Windows store synchronously and XGP official response explanation

  The new strategy game “Phoenix Point” , led by Julian gollop, founder of X-Com: UFO defense, has been released recently. Earlier this year, developers announced that “Phoenix Point” would log in to epic games platform, and also plan… Read More

The father of Youfu’s new work “Phoenix Point” has been published: media average score of station m is 78

  Julian gollop, the father of “XCOM: Chimera Squad” , led the team to create the strategy game “XCOM: Chimera Squad” . Recently, the word-of-mouth officially lifted the ban. At present, the media of the game on the M… Read More

“Phoenix Point” new launch date announced: log on PC on December 3, 2020 log on host

  The new release date of “Phoenix Point” , which was scheduled to be launched in September, was announced: it will log on to PC (EPIC) on December 3, Xbox one in the first quarter of next year, and… Read More

“Phoenix Point” skip ticket to December: want to make this work your favorite

  The developer snapshot games announced that the “Phoenix Point” , which was originally scheduled to be released in September this year, now jumped to December this year. The developer wants to polish the game better.   ”I know this… Read More

Epic or spend $2 million for exclusive “Phoenix Point” to make profits without selling the game

  Julian gollop, the father of “XCOM: Chimera Squad” , led a team of snapshot games to create a new strategic work, “Phoenix point”, which started crowdfunding on fig (game crowdfunding platform) a long time ago, and announced in… Read More