“Paranormal HK” Chinese version steam genuine streaming download release

  “Paranormal HK” is a first person horror adventure game based on the urban legends of Hong Kong, China. The story tells the story of a group of young people in order to record miraculous programs and explore the… Read More

“Paranormal HK” m mostly praise the atmosphere, scare cry, rough modeling

  “Paranormal HK” launched yesterdaySteamNow the player evaluation has been published.   On steam, “Paranormal HK” mostly received favorable comments, and the number of player comments has exceeded 100, with a positive rate of 77% up to the time of… Read More

“Paranormal HK” is in the top three of steam’s top selling products list, 81% of which are highly praised at present

  “Paranormal HK” has been officially launched in steam today. By the time of writing, the game had entered the top three of the hot goods list. At present, the game starts at a discount of – 10% for… Read More