Producer interview of “NIOH2” : in order to satisfy the players, we have further improved the difficulty

“NIOH2” is a unique action game series. Many of its designs and styles are very similar to the popular soul games in recent years, but in terms of the action system, it is far more profound and diverse… Read More

“NIOH2” station is divided into 86 points, and the media are highly praised

“NIOH2” has been released from the ban. By the time of publication, 44 media included in station m had given a score, 43 of which had given a high praise of more than 80 points. At present, the… Read More

“NIOH2” score 9: impressive progress in combat

[game cover] Game name: RenWang 2 “NIOH2” media evaluation lifted the ban. The editor of ign gave the game a high score of 9 points. He said that he had passed “NIOH2” for the first time and died… Read More

Role introduction of “NIOH2” : three brave warriors in the Warring States Period

  Today, the official micro blog of glorious tekumo game shared the latest introduction of the game “NIOH2” — Saida Shengjia, Maeda Lijia and fengxuhe Xiaoliu.