“Need for Speed: Heat” accounts for about half of the capacity of 24g compared with PC

  “Need for Speed: Heat” will be officially launched on November 8. Currently, the Microsoft Store shows that the capacity demand of Xbox version of the game is estimated to be 23.97gb, which is about half less than the… Read More

The creative director talks about “Need for Speed: Heat” to integrate the highlights of the series

  Segementnext, a foreign media, recently interviewed Riley Cooper, creative director of “Need for Speed: Heat” . In the interview, Riley Cooper expressed considerable ambition. He said that the development team wanted to integrate the best experience in the… Read More

Foreign media explosion “Need for Speed: Heat” new screenshot game UI slightly adjusted

  Polish media nfspolska.pl Recently, four screenshots of “Need for Speed: Heat” game have been disclosed. These screenshots show user-defined content, slightly adjusted UI and changing weather in the game. Let’s enjoy it.   The background of “Need for Speed:… Read More

The exposure of “Need for Speed: Heat” real machine screenshot and police’s night racing

  Gamergen, a foreign media, has exposed a group of screenshots of “Need for Speed: Heat” . We can see the UI interface of the game and compete with the police at night. The city at night is very… Read More

“Need for Speed: Heat” welcome new control no unpacking, extra reward at night

  “Need for Speed: Heat” has officially released the first notice, and the developers from ghost games have posted on the reddit forum, bringing us more details of the game, promising that the game will not include the open… Read More

PC configuration requirements of “need for speed: heat”: minimum 760, 1060 recommended

  “Need for Speed: Heat” will be officially launched on November 8. The origin official website has given the configuration requirements of the PC side. Let’s take a look. Minimum configuration:   Operating system: Windows 10   Processor (AMD): fx-6350 or… Read More

“Need for Speed: Heat” has entered the plant and the pressure plate will be ready on November 8

  Ben walker, EA’s global community manager, said on twitter that “Need for Speed: Heat” has entered the plateaus stage and the game will be available on November 8 as scheduled.   Since then, developers will still debug the game… Read More

“Need for Speed: Heat” open pre purchase standard price 419 yuan

  The official website of “Need for Speed: Heat” has opened the pre purchase of the game, and the official has also released the relevant reward content of the luxury version. Let’s get to know.   The standard version of… Read More

“Need for Speed: Heat” , a large number of details, doubt and exposure, multiple game regression

  According to foreign media dsogaming, “Need for Speed: Heat” ‘s new work will be named “need for speed: heat” and will be released in 2019. New work logo “Need for Speed: Heat” suspected of leaking   According to the… Read More

Details of “Need for Speed: Heat” revealed for the first time: Super running on the street and police cars are too popular

  In addition to Star Wars Jedi: the fallen samurai, the main single player of EA’s lineup this year, the rest are basically annual sports games, including “Need for Speed: Heat” ‘s new work, which is a year away…. Read More