Enjoy speed and passion! 5 thousand yuan saved to play “Need for Speed: Heat”

  “Need for Speed: Heat” is a racing game produced by ghost games, and it is the latest game work of “Need for Speed: Heat” series. The series shows the real racing culture religiously, with excellent pictures and cool… Read More

“Need for Speed: Heat” update fix developer apologize for the problem

  The developers of “Need for Speed: Heat” announced the update content of game version 1.4 today, with the patch size of 854mb. According to the feedback from the community, they fixed some problems in the game and apologized… Read More

“Need for Speed: Heat” first week sales record breaking studio thanks

  Today, developer ghost games tweeted that the first week sales of “Need for Speed: Heat” broke the record for a series of works, and thanked the players.   They tweeted: “nfshare set a new record in its first week,… Read More

“Need for Speed: Heat” evaluation 7 points m station average score reduced to 72 points

  Today, the foreign media gamespot released “Need for Speed: Heat” ‘s evaluation score. The editor gave the game a 7-point evaluation. Let’s have a look.   The editor of gamespot thinks that the game is very attractive in the… Read More

Puma sells “Need for Speed: Heat” joint sneakers for 1087 yuan

  Puma, a famous German footwear manufacturer, officially launched the joint version of “Need for Speed: Heat” sneakers on the European official website, selling them for 140 euros (about 1087 yuan). European puma website > >   ”OCTN is a… Read More

“Need for Speed: Heat” media score: 76 points for station M

  “Need for Speed: Heat” ‘s initial score of station m has been published. By the time of writing, 8 of 11 reviews had positive reviews and 3 had medium reviews, with an average score of 76.   Among them,… Read More

“Need for Speed: Heat” : excellent works in 8.0 series for many years

[game cover]   “Need for Speed: Heat” has been released on PC / X1 / PS4 today, and ign has scored 8.0 points for this game. Score:8.0Excellent   According to the editor of IGN, “Need for Speed: Heat” is a… Read More

“Need for Speed: Heat” launches day and night to experience the ultimate thrill

  “Need for Speed: Heat” has been officially launched today and can be purchased on origin, PS4 and X1 platforms. Origin address > > PSN port service address > > Xbox store address > >   More than 100 models… Read More

“Need for Speed: Heat” new screenshot announces frost engine to create a blockbuster

  EA today released a set of new screenshots of “Need for Speed: Heat” , showing the cool sports car of the game and the open world racing environment. This work, which is made with frost engine, is still… Read More

“Need for Speed: Heat” accounts for about half of the capacity of 24g compared with PC

  “Need for Speed: Heat” will be officially launched on November 8. Currently, the Microsoft Store shows that the capacity demand of Xbox version of the game is estimated to be 23.97gb, which is about half less than the… Read More