“Football Manager 2020” 10% off pre-sale on November

  Sega games announced that “football manager 2020” will be launched in 2019.   Football is a competition of thinking. From team selection to club transfer and tactics, everyone has their own ideas and opinions on how to achieve great… Read More

Manchester United sued “Football Manager 2020” manufacturer for improper use of team name and logo

according toTHE GUARDIANAccording to the report, Manchester United are suing the developers (Sports Interactive, SI) and publishers (Sega Publishing) of the “Football Manager 2020” series. According to Manchester United, the name of the club was used extensively in… Read More

“Football Manager 2020” touch screen version will be posted on NS steam version on December 10

  The official launch of football maneger announced that the touch-screen version of “Football Manager 2020” will log on the NS platform on December 10.   “Football Manager 2020” is a simulated football game produced by Sports Interactive and released… Read More

“Football Manager 2020” m make complaints about sinicization and single throw balls.

  “Football Manager 2020” has been released on steam today. At present, 2210 user evaluations have been published on steam, with the overall evaluation status of special praise and the praise rate of 87%.   Steam store link > >… Read More

“Football Manager 2020” free trial extended for one week until April 1

Today, the simulation game “Football Manager 2020” , operated by Sega football, announced that the free trial will be extended for one week. This free trial is scheduled to end on March 25, but today’s announcement will be… Read More

Stea“Football Manager 2020” open free play will last for one week

“Football Manager 2020” of steam store is now open for free trial and will last for one week. The trial will end at 11:00 p.m. on March 25, Beijing time, after which players must buy games to continue…. Read More

“Football Manager 2020” officially sells steam for 229 yuan

  Sega games announced by Sports Interactive Gamma And the “Football Manager 2020” (PC / MAC) launched by Sega ® Europe Ltd. are on sale today. Steam costs 229 yuan.   Steam store link > > >   The latest work… Read More

“Football Manager 2020” score 8.7 is more friendly to novices

[game cover] Game name: Football Manager 2020 Game type: sports game Games interactive Game release: Sega Game platform: PC   “Football Manager 2020” was officially released today. Ign gave a good evaluation of 8.7 points for this work. score:8.7… Read More

“Football Manager 2020” open official version November 19

  In the weeks after the release of the beta news, the developers kept getting valuable opinions from the vast number of players and friends. Finally, Sports Interactive Gamma And the “Football Manager 2020” (FM20) launched by Sega ®… Read More

“Football Manager 2020” zone go online to lead your team to win the championship

  “Football Manager 2020” is a simulated football game released by Sega, which is produced by Sports Interactive. “Football Manager 2020” will improve the image quality in the game, make the new player mode more real, and the manager… Read More