40 old graphics cards test that “Doom: Eternal” could run 60 frames seven years ago

Not long ago, the “Doom: Eternal” game of id software was officially launched at a price of 199 yuan. This classic FPS game has a super high frame limit of 1000fps for high play challenges, but it also… Read More

Ign final review “Doom: Eternal” 9 points: new and old players can be happy

[game cover] Game name: destroyer: Eternity English Name: DOM external Game type: first person shooting Game production: id Software Game release: Bethesda software Game platform: PC / X1 / PS4 / NS / standia Listing time: March 20,… Read More

The sales volume of “Doom: Eternal” in the first week was a record double that of the same period of the previous year

According to foreign media gematsu, the first week sales of “Doom: Eternal” broke a series of records. The sales volume of the first week of this release has reached twice that of the same period in 2016. Publisher… Read More

“Doom: Eternal” multiplayer ign score: 8 points: smart, powerful, respect for player’s ability

[game cover] score:8 points Great Ign scored 8 points for “Doom: Eternal” ‘s multiplayer mode. The reviewers thought that the multiplayer mode of this work is as smart and powerful as the single mode in its unique aspects. General… Read More

“Doom: Eternal” iron box cover high definition picture announces the city becomes hell, fierce battle devil

  Last month, agency B released various versions of “Doom: Eternal” , among which the entity collection version contained an exclusive cover iron box made by Mondo art studio. Recently, the official released a high-definition picture of the cover… Read More