“Death Stranding” final release preview clip completed island sun drink “continued life”

  It’s getting closer and closer to the lifting of “Death Stranding” ‘s ban, and the busy Island supervisor is still preparing for the final stage of the game. Today, Xiaodao Xiufu announced on twitter that the final release… Read More

The world’s most liver platinum liver emperor opens liver “Death Stranding” group photo game

  This year weOnce reportedHakom, the liver emperor from Saudi Arabia, won 2000 platinum Playstation trophies with his amazing liver power. Recently, the liver emperor is going to open “Death Stranding” . The Saudi elder brother is the Guinness… Read More

Yingya exclusive “Death Stranding” gold mask man’s cover is full of rage

  Psuk announced that Amazon in the UK has launched an exclusive version of “Death Stranding” , which includes a limited box in addition to the original game. Purchase address > >   On the cover of the special box… Read More

Foreign media try to play “Death Stranding” experience: very scary will win the game of the year

  Pax Australia is about to hold the 2019 Australian game and entertainment exhibition. The former editor of sasage roll, a popular culture publishing house in Australia, started playing “Death Stranding” . She said that she felt like she… Read More

Xiaodao Xiufu remembers the hard years when the studio was founded: no money, old but still thanks Konami

  Today, Japanese media fami released an interview with Xiaodao Xiufu. In the interview, Xiaodao talked about the past when he first set up Xiaodao studio and Konami.   He said in an interview that he became independent more than… Read More

“Death Stranding” evaluation and release time: 3:00 p.m. on November 1

  The website Metacritic today announced the time of lifting the ban on media rating of “Death Stranding” , which is 12:01 (AM) on Friday, November 1, Pacific time, which translates to 03:01 p.m. on November 1, Beijing time…. Read More

“Death Stranding” rating 17 + has strong performance and a lot of indecent scenes

  ESRB website has updated the rating of “Death Stranding” . This work is rated as grade M, containing bloody, violent, partial nudity scenes and swearing. It is suitable for people over 17 years old.   This is an action… Read More

Norman redeus: “Death Stranding” or release in early 2019 with three more action capture scenes to shoot

  Norman redeus plays the leading role in “Death Stranding” , and he recently participated in a radio interview program. In a conversation with the host Dan fogler, he talked about the initial meeting with Xiaodao Xiufu, and finally… Read More

Small island studio congratulates TGA award winner “Death Stranding” on his ongoing work

  Xiaodao Xiufu and “Death Stranding” were absent from TGA this year, but after the award ceremony, the official tweet of Aoshima studio congratulated all the winners of TGA awards.   At the same time, Aoshima studio said that it… Read More

China Mall around small island studio launched “Death Stranding” nugo necklace for 1890 yuan

  Chinese mainland shopping mall is now mobile to the world. All the shelves are now “Death Stranding” , including handcrafts, clothes, hats, mobile phone shells, name card clips, etc., which are also sold on the mainland for the… Read More