Official: “Borderlands 3” is about to launch a performance patch. Listen to the feedback to do the best

  The official twitter of gearbox announced that it will release a repair patch for the performance problems and ease of use improvements in “Borderlands 3” , and will soon bring you detailed updates.   At the same time, the… Read More

The official “Borderlands 3” optimization guide provides solutions such as frame dropping

  Today,@2kames ChinaThe official blog released a message to provide the player with “Borderlands 3” ‘s problem troubleshooting and optimization guide. If the player encounters the following game problems listed by the official, he can solve them through the… Read More

“Borderlands 3” hot patch was launched to repair many bugs and adjust the balance

  According to gearbox officials, the hot fix of “Borderlands 3” has been officially launched. Players only need to connect to the network in the main menu interface to get the upgrade.   Official website patch description   The following is… Read More

“Borderlands 3” free activity launched in October to kill ghosts and win the spoils of terror

  2k and gearbox announced “Borderlands 3” ‘s free DLC “blood harvest” activity, which is a halloween themed activity, which only starts in October.   The event will add new legendary weapons, character appearance, enemy type, environment and “at least… Read More

“Borderlands 3” or not push new roles. The official pays more attention to the diversity of roles

  According to foreign media gamespot report, Paul sage, the game supervisor of “Borderlands 3” , said that the game “is likely” not to launch new characters as before, because according to the data collected by gearbox, players tend… Read More

“Borderlands 3” beautiful player screenshot wallpaper level cartoon rendering world

  “Borderlands 3” has been on sale for some time, and the kids who are adventurous in this open world believe that they have experienced the charm of the game in an all-round way. Although this work is a… Read More

“Borderlands 3” sold more than 5 million in five days, the most in 2K history

  2K Games China’s official microblog announced today that “Borderlands 3” sold more than 5 million sets within five days after its launch, making the game the fastest selling game in 2K’s history. Here is

“Borderlands 3” : Super reduction of the freehand drawing style of twin devil statue cartoon

  Recently, “Borderlands 3” and Chris collectibles jointly created a tyreen statue of villain twins, which costs 299.99 US dollars (about 2131 yuan), and is expected to be available in winter 2020.   The statue is made of resin material,… Read More

“Borderlands 3” Zane’s weakness in the later period was complained by the players that he was too handsome and was reluctant to give up

  “Borderlands 3” has been on sale for nearly two weeks. The friends who started this book believe that they have already started to brush and online. On the other hand, though the experience of the game is pleasant,… Read More

“Borderlands 3” releases patch update to fix problems such as PC open mirror jamming

  Gearbox officially launched a new patch for “Borderlands 3” , and solved some problems in the game, including performance, UI, etc. in addition, the skill of boss killavolt will let the current cover the whole ground, which makes… Read More