World of Warcraft map Developers Conference: let “Warcraft III: Reforged” be more than “Warcraft III: Reforged”

  Warcraft 3 was a game 17 years ago. For many new players in the game circle, the history of the game may be longer than their age. But even after such a long time, it is still full of vitality. Many people fight on the official battle platform every day, and the relevant live broadcast and events are always popular. This is largely due to the third-party authors who are well-equipped with creativity and technology. It is their new maps and new playing methods that endow Warcraft 3 with great charm beyond itself.

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  Just last weekend, Netease Blizzard held the 2019 “Warcraft III: Reforged” map developer conference in Nanjing’s NANDA International Conference Center. This is the third year in a row to hold a similar event, which has invited many map authors, celebrities in the circle and media reporters to participate. Officials not only shared their new plans and policies in 2019, but also answered many questions of interest. At the moment when “Warcraft III: Reforged” is going to be listed, how to continue the vitality of the third-party RPG map of “Warcraft III: Reforged” and how to make the community develop more healthily are obviously topics that everyone is very concerned about.

New features and changes of version 1.31

  ”Warcraft 3″ will soon usher in its 1.31 version. The official first shared the changes to map authors, editors and scripting languages brought by the new version:

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  First, the image engine has been upgraded to prepare for the future remake. Version 1.31 supports d3d11 and metal, and brings better rendering environment, better image quality and smoother experience for PC and MAC.

  Second, upgrade to a 64 bit application. Currently, many maps are limited to 32-bit programs, which can only support up to 3G memory, while version 1.31 will remove such restrictions, make the map more handy, and enable the author to achieve more functions he wants.

  1.31 also added the new programming language Lua, but it will be in the beta stage for the time being.

  1.31 ydapi and dzapi functions are also added, as well as a new set of function functions, which allows map authors to change the attributes of individual items or skills. For example, in version 1.31, you can change the amount of blood added to the same blood bottle to make it possible to upgrade a single device.

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  In addition, there will also be numerical adjustments in the aspect of balance, and some new equipment will be added; the matching system of TIANTI will be added, and “Warcraft III: Reforged” may return the matching system in the future; the editor will add many new functions to facilitate the development of the map author; the text system will be updated, which can be previewed in real time, such as color words and other special effects can be directly Observe the final effect, do not need to enter the game as before to view; map can be saved as file or folder format, convenient for team authors to work together, and so on.

  It is officially announced that more content will be released before the arrival of remake. Please look forward to the arrival of version 1.31 and later remake.

  After that, the officials answered some questions raised by all of us. For example, the ownership of map copyright, the optimization of crash interface, and the compatibility of new hardware and new operating system, all officials have received feedback and are discussing how to solve it. However, whether the existing map can be directly transplanted to the future “Warcraft III: Reforged” , the official said that if only the original materials can be used and run directly in the original, then the remake can also run the map directly; if you use some external resources, then you can also run the map in “Warcraft III: Reforged” in a very convenient way without many changes function.

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  As for the localization support of maps, the official said that they would like to share the excellent maps of China to the players all over the world, and also would like to share the maps of foreign countries to the domestic players. They have started the relevant work. The headquarters is very supportive of map authors in China, and Netease Cooperation Department has been communicating with map authors, so this channel is always open. But localization, after all, is a matter of cooperation with the author, and details such as changes in payment methods are to be discussed with the author, so it will take a lot of time.

The new plan of the official battle platform

  Since the official battle platform of Warcraft 3 was launched in 2015, many long-standing problems have been solved. Development, upload, update, commercialization, the launch of this whole set of services, so that map authors do not need to worry about other things. Since its launch for more than three years, many old authors have returned to the community of Warcraft 3, and many new people have joined in. Last year, the whole community began to recover.

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  At the beginning of 2018, the platform officially launched the commercialization of RPG map, which allows map authors to support themselves with their interests and abilities. In fact, according to the data collected by the government, many excellent map authors, whose monthly income even exceeds that of the middle and senior managers of many enterprises, have achieved a great degree of wealth freedom. This is what the staff of the platform are very happy to see. They also hope that more high-quality authors will join in to make the ecology of the official battle platform more healthy and diverse.

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  For this reason, they also made more new plans in 2019, such as matching patterns, which solved some of the problems existing in the previous room patterns; activity center, which can easily release activities without frequent map updates; data center 2.0, which is more rich in data, allows developers to easily see which heroes are selected more, opened more or formed teams More, help them to make subsequent changes and development; commercialize the upgrade, add the card picking package system, customized props system, cumulative consumption system, and consumables system, etc., so that their RPG map becomes more like an independent game, so that players’ payment points become more diverse, bringing greater revenue; not only that, they also pay attention to the anti cheating aspect Requirements, improve the server framework, so that the author can write some logic on the server, improve the threshold of cheating and map change.

  With the coming of remake, many authors will surely create better map works this year, and the future RPG map will even be comparable to the independent RPG game on the PC end, officials said. In the near future, they will also open a reward program for millions of map authors, and offer generous bonuses to encourage those excellent map authors. They expect the updated official platform to have a positive impact on the whole community.

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  After so many years of development, the meaning of Warcraft 3 is far beyond RTS itself. Now it is more like RPG maker, which has more powerful functions, better pictures and more official support. It may not take much time for technical training, a new person can master all aspects of the editor skillfully, and then through the framework of “Warcraft III: Reforged” , create their own ideal game. Not only that, you can also use your own ideas and creativity to make profits, and even support yourself to become a star in the industry.

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  The vigorous development of the third-party map is a very beneficial thing for the officials, developers and players. Because of this, I also look forward to the arrival of “Warcraft III: Reforged” . It not only represents the high-definition childhood memories, but also represents that we will usher in a large number of high-quality RPG maps. Compared with the former, I am more optimistic about the performance of the latter in the long run.