The producer said “Doom: Eternal” was junk food but nutritious

  In the latest issue of Xbox’s official magazine, Marty Stratton, the game producer of “Doom: Eternal” , talks about the quality of the game.

Game Good Luck Have Fun

  ”“Doom: Eternal” is junk food and we are proud of it, which doesn’t mean it won’t have a lot of nutrition in it,” Stratton said. We want players to experience that it’s fun on the surface, smart on the inside, and we’ve really crafted the experience of the game. “

Game Good Luck Have Fun

  The goal of “Doom: Eternal” is to redefine the playing method of FPS games. The last work of “Doom: Eternal” shows in front of the players with a more profound attitude of series games, which was released beforeReal machine demonstrationSee “Doom: Eternal” to enrich the experience of the game.

  “Doom: Eternal” will be officially launched on the PC / Xbox one / PS4 platform on March 20, 2020, and will log on to the switch platform in the future (the release date is to be determined). Please look forward to it.