“NIOH2” took 55 hours for producers close to the previous production

  According to the foreign media gamespot, the producer of “NIOH2” said that the game duration will be similar to that of the previous “NIOH2” .

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  In a recent interview, the game duration and text volume of producer AKIDA Wenyan “NIOH2” are similar to that of the previous “NIOH2” : “the number of main tasks is roughly the same, and the overall game duration is similar to that of the previous work, but it depends on how well the players pursue to play and how to play. I actually came into contact with this game in January, but it took me 55 hours to clear the customs. “

  Although the original article did not mention whether Mr. Yasuda has completed some regional tasks, it still said that he is specialized in the main line task. However, in gamespot’s article, the author said that it took nearly 60 hours to make “NIOH2” before the series. If you are a regional task enthusiast or want to play a better boss battle and two-week goal, it may take more than 80 hours of game time.

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  “NIOH2” will be available on March 12. Please wait.