“Doom: Eternal” art book exposes demons coming to earth

  A netizen named Centurion Nami from restera, a foreign forum, summed up the contents of “Doom: Eternal” art book he collected on 4chan. Let’s take a look at it.   “Doom: Eternal” is expected to log in to PC… Read More

“Warcraft III: Reforged” starts from 168 yuan of pre purchase price and presents one year of official combat platform members

  “Warcraft III: Reforged” officially opened the pre purchase today. Players can make pre purchase directly through battle.net mall. This work will be launched in 2019. Let’s get to know.   According to the mall information, “Warcraft III: Reforged” launched… Read More

World of Warcraft map Developers Conference: let “Warcraft III: Reforged” be more than “Warcraft III: Reforged”

  Warcraft 3 was a game 17 years ago. For many new players in the game circle, the history of the game may be longer than their age. But even after such a long time, it is still full… Read More

“Warcraft III: Reforged” announced that grandma Tai is more beautiful

  At the recently concluded China joy 2019 activity, Blizzard released a set of “Warcraft III: Reforged” character models, and it can be seen that the models of Tyrande, Sal and many units in the game have been upgraded…. Read More

“NIOH2” took 55 hours for producers close to the previous production

  According to the foreign media gamespot, the producer of “NIOH2” said that the game duration will be similar to that of the previous “NIOH2” .   In a recent interview, the game duration and text volume of producer AKIDA… Read More

Role introduction of “NIOH2” : brilliant military division, half of the soldiers in zhuzhong will come out again

  Today, the official micro blog of glorious tekumo game introduces the characters who appear in “NIOH2” : the famous military division of the Warring States period, Takenaka military guard. Let’s see how he’s going to make his debut… Read More

“NIOH2” new information: the introduction of guarding lingxuanwu, spinning silk and biwing

  The honorable tekumo official blog today announced the new intelligence of “NIOH2” , introduced the skills of guardian spirit, and let’s get to know it.   Guardian skill (water attribute)   Xuanwu: Xuanwu will hit the enemy in front of… Read More

The producer said “Doom: Eternal” was junk food but nutritious

  In the latest issue of Xbox’s official magazine, Marty Stratton, the game producer of “Doom: Eternal” , talks about the quality of the game.   ”“Doom: Eternal” is junk food and we are proud of it, which doesn’t mean… Read More

“Doom: Eternal” nightmare difficulty boss battle heart rate fast shooting

  Today, the spudhunter, the tubing master, uploaded “Doom: Eternal” ‘s 15 minute nightmare difficulty boss battle, which makes the heart beat faster and more comfortable. Video appreciation:   Move to Sina Weibo to view > >   Although the video… Read More

“Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot” sales exceeded 2 million games

Wandai Nanmeng palace announced today that its arpgmiidddelleemmaann sales volume has exceeded 2 million. “With so many saians to protect the earth, the earth should be safe (… For the time being)!” This is what nanmenggong wrote on… Read More