Xiaodao Xiufu sends Liu Cixin a signature PS4 or “Death Stranding” Limited Edition

  The friendship between Xiaodao Xiufu and Liu Cixin began with the Japanese version of Sanshi, and gradually there was a “connection” between the two people. Earlier, Liu Cixin sent a signed version of Sanshi to Xiaodao, and now Xiaodao sent an “Death Stranding” limited version of PS4 to big Liu.

Game Good Luck Have Fun

  @Science fiction Office of future BureauOn Weibo, I shared the photos of Liu Cixin and the limited version of “Death Stranding” 4 Pro sent by Xiaodao. The customized host, the handle, the game and the signature! It looks like the reincarnation of lemon essence.

Game Good Luck Have Fun

  @According to the science fiction Office of the future Bureau, Liu Cixin said after receiving the gift: “thank you for the game machine presented by Mr. Xiufu Xiaodao. It’s a door to let me enter the excellent game world you created. That’s the wonderful living space above our plain real life. As a science fiction writer who is also creating the imaginary world, I hope our world will one day become one. “  

  I wish the tree of friendship between the two tycoons thrive and look forward to early cooperation~