TGA host: “Death Stranding” was not nominated because of my favoritism

  In preparation for the TGA awards ceremony next week, Geoff Keighley, the host, also held an AMA Q & A activity at the reddit forum. During the activity, netizens asked that Keighley, while serving as the producer of TGA programs, also participated in “Death Stranding” , and the game also won many nominations, whether there was a “conflict of interest” situation. Keighley also responded to this. Let’s see his answer.

Note: Conflict of interest, according to Wikipedia, refers to “an improper act of favoritism or preferential treatment to oneself or related persons when an individual or organization involves the same interests in different aspects.”

  Keighley made a clear reply in the reddit forum that there was no conflict of interest in the process of mmidddlee mmaann being nominated by TGA, and there was no special point in the voting process.

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  ”The credibility of TGA and awards is the most important, more important than others. I’m not going to vote either for the nomination or for the winning work. This job is assigned to a jury of 80 media around the world, which we have listed on our website. The process is because I not only guest participated in a game (need to avoid suspicion), but also cooperated with developers around the world in global launch, game announcement, sponsorship and other aspects of TGA. (so) I hope that the members of the jury can “blind” these cooperative contacts (maintain fairness). ” Keighley wrote on reddit.

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  Keighley also mentioned that he has a good relationship with several friends in the industry, but others will blame him for not winning the game. “If you want me to be honest, I have to say that it’s really lonely sometimes to try to make everyone happy. But I just have to be faithful to the rules, to the voting process and to my hopes: if I want to build something that will stand the test of time, I have to act as justly and morally as possible. “

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  In addition, Keighley also said that the content of his guest role in “Death Stranding” was recorded in 2017. At that time, the recorded content was originally intended to be used for a promotional material, but was not used in the end. Xiaodao later asked Keighley if he could use his dynamic capture data in the “Death Stranding” game. At that time, Keighley didn’t dub his character (Matt Mercer finally played). “Of course, I also worry that as a producer of TGA, I will inevitably have contact with developers in the industry. This (contact) allows me to run TGA on the front line. For example, Oscar producers are often (or almost always) producers of movies. I don’t make games, I don’t invest and I don’t buy game stocks. That’s all I can do to make these relationships transparent and separate from the voting process. “

  The TGA award ceremony will be held at 9:30 a.m. on December 13, 2019, Beijing time. Please pay attention to the detailed report of the traveller star at that time. Full list of TGA candidates please move to usEarlier reportssee.