Island support Australia T-shirt starts selling today all income donation to help the fire

  Today, Australia’s Playstation official tweeted that the T-shirt named “connect for Australia” supported by Xiaodao Xiufu is on sale today.

Game Good Luck Have Fun

  At present, the T-shirt has been put on the official website of small island studio, and the price of a single T-shirt is 25 dollars (about 174 yuan). The proceeds from the “dead stranded” T-shirt will be donated to the Australian wildlife protection organization to save the animals from the fire. If you want to give more love, you can click another $1 link “Avatar” link to donate money in the name of the studio.

Game Good Luck Have Fun

  Now the official website shows that the sizes of T-shirts from s to XX are available for sale. It is not clear whether domestic mailing is supported. Interested friends can click the link below to check.

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