Nugo may cooperate with the island again more “Death Stranding” content

Recently, Norman Reedus, the “nugo”, gave an interview to wired media and talked about “Death Stranding” and the little island scholar. Nugo said that he was in discussions with the island to produce more “Death Stranding” related content…. Read More

The design of black and white on the cover of the original sound CD

The original CDs “songs from the video game” and “original score by Ludwig Forssell” of “Death Stranding” will be released in Japan on March 27 at an undetermined price. Hideki Oshima has shown the physical picture of the… Read More

PC version “Death Stranding” new picture photo mode available in safe room

Hideki shimajima tweeted today, sharing with you two new images of “Death Stranding” in PC version, and both images are made using in-game photo mode. Steam store link > > > In addition, Kojima Hideo said, the “Death… Read More

Island support Australia T-shirt starts selling today all income donation to help the fire

  Today, Australia’s Playstation official tweeted that the T-shirt named “connect for Australia” supported by Xiaodao Xiufu is on sale today.   At present, the T-shirt has been put on the official website of small island studio, and the price… Read More

Xiaodao sun TGA trophy: two for uncle Pao

  “Death Stranding” of Xiaodao Xiufu studio won two TGA awards last year, namely best game guide and best music. In addition, Max Mickelson, who played in the game, also won the best performance award. Recently, the island finally… Read More

The 1:1 model of “Death Stranding” will glow

  Xiaodao Xiufu released the 1:1 version of the androdek detector in “Death Stranding” .   This drodek detector is made by thousand value training, with the proportion of 1:1. It completely restores the modeling details in the “Death Stranding”… Read More

“Death Stranding” original sound black glue will open for us $45

  The “Death Stranding” original sound black glue created by Ludwig forsel will be available on Thursday.   ”Death stranded music 3x black glue” will be shipped in April 2020, selling for $45. The cover is drawn by Max Loffler,… Read More

Xiaodao Xiufu and netizen Kan “alloy equipment” photo mode history want to hold another photo contest

“Death Stranding” will be in the PC version of the first mock exam mode. The online discussion about it has also increased gradually, and speaking of the photo mode, the “alloy equipment” series is also an old customer… Read More

TGA host: “Death Stranding” was not nominated because of my favoritism

  In preparation for the TGA awards ceremony next week, Geoff Keighley, the host, also held an AMA Q & A activity at the reddit forum. During the activity, netizens asked that Keighley, while serving as the producer of… Read More

Xiaodao Xiufu sends Liu Cixin a signature PS4 or “Death Stranding” Limited Edition

  The friendship between Xiaodao Xiufu and Liu Cixin began with the Japanese version of Sanshi, and gradually there was a “connection” between the two people. Earlier, Liu Cixin sent a signed version of Sanshi to Xiaodao, and now… Read More