“Need for Speed: Heat” evaluation 7 points m station average score reduced to 72 points

  Today, the foreign media gamespot released “Need for Speed: Heat” ‘s evaluation score. The editor gave the game a 7-point evaluation. Let’s have a look.

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  The editor of gamespot thinks that the game is very attractive in the day and night. The risk reward mechanism under the police’s pursuit creates many exciting moments. The game also has a first-class speed drift experience, and the refitting system also provides a large number of free customization options.

  However, the editor also pointed out the shortcomings of the game, such as being arrested by the police all the time in the game, which would make people feel very uncomfortable. The driving mode is too simple and the response is not so sensitive, which also affects the game experience. In addition, the last few hours of the game are highly repetitive.

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  In M station, the average score of “Need for Speed: Heat” has been reduced to 72 points. Before the publication, 36 media evaluations have been conducted, including 17 positive reviews and 19 mid reviews.

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“Need for Speed: Heat” first week sales record breaking studio thanks

  Today, developer ghost games tweeted that the first week sales of “Need for Speed: Heat” broke the record for a series of works, and thanked the players.

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  They tweeted: “nfshare set a new record in its first week, with more people playing with it than the rest of the series. Thanks for the heat from the players’ group! “

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  “Need for Speed: Heat” had a good sales performance in the first week, breaking the record of series works. It is a work worth playing for racing fans.

“Need for Speed: Heat” update fix developer apologize for the problem

  The developers of “Need for Speed: Heat” announced the update content of game version 1.4 today, with the patch size of 854mb. According to the feedback from the community, they fixed some problems in the game and apologized to the players, saying that the patch will be installed into the game as soon as possible.

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Patch Description:

Environment picture repair:

  ·For the time being, the lighting, smoke, flame and NPC vehicles will be optimized. In the future, more optimization measures will be taken to shorten the loading time and stabilize the frame rate.

Bug fix:

  ·Fixed a serious bug where players won’t get money and rep in the first game. Now players don’t need to restart the game to avoid this problem.

  ·Fixed the problem of inventory synchronization error prompt when selecting single machine and online games, which caused players to lose progress. (officials say they are really sorry for this problem.)

  ·Fixed some problems that caused the game to crash and jam.

Other repairs:

  ·Fixed the black screen that players saw when they first exited the game.

  ·Fixed a problem where players couldn’t invite friends using search.

  ·Fixed the problem of game crash caused by using some controllers on PC.

Enjoy speed and passion! 5 thousand yuan saved to play “Need for Speed: Heat”

  “Need for Speed: Heat” is a racing game produced by ghost games, and it is the latest game work of “Need for Speed: Heat” series. The series shows the real racing culture religiously, with excellent pictures and cool sound effects. Ghost games is also constantly optimizing the hand feel of vehicle driving and drifting, so as to bring better game experience to the players.

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  In addition to the wonderful main plot and fierce racing experience, the game also has a large number of collection and challenge elements, enough for players to “enjoy” for a long time. However, if you want to play happily, a set of game hardware platform with up to standard performance is essential.

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“Need for Speed: Heat” official configuration recommendation

  According to the official configuration requirements, players need at least a 4-core processor and a GTX 1060 level graphics card to play smoothly at 1080p resolution, which is very close to our actual game test results.

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“Need for Speed: Heat” game performance measurement

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Performance measurement of “Need for Speed: Heat” 1080p resolution video card

  Next, according to the actual game demand of “Need for Speed: Heat” , the editor recommends 2 sets of saving machine configuration schemes with a price of 5000 yuan for you. Players with saving machine plan may wish to refer to them.

Puma sells “Need for Speed: Heat” joint sneakers for 1087 yuan

  Puma, a famous German footwear manufacturer, officially launched the joint version of “Need for Speed: Heat” sneakers on the European official website, selling them for 140 euros (about 1087 yuan).

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European puma website > >

  ”OCTN is a real hip-hop rebel, and it can give you the most grip even though the accelerator is down to the end,” the official said. It’s for fashion people! ” The sneaker series is called “Hi OCTN x need for speed head”. The sole of the shoe is white, and the whole body is composed of black, white and purple, which is full of the feeling of hip-hop “neon light”.

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  “Need for Speed: Heat” will be officially launched on November 8, and will log on to PC / PS4 / Xbox one platform. EA members and origin members can now experience 10 hours of preemptive trial play. After sale, origin senior members can get the game body directly.

“Need for Speed: Heat” launches day and night to experience the ultimate thrill

  “Need for Speed: Heat” has been officially launched today and can be purchased on origin, PS4 and X1 platforms.

Origin address > >

PSN port service address > >

Xbox store address > >

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  More than 100 models are available in the game, including many classic models, and there are rich personalized and customized options.

Performance Customization:

  Adjust the engine, chassis, transmission system and accessories of the vehicle according to your driving style: Road, off-road, tail flick and race. Do you need extra horsepower? Then upgrade to a turbo engine. Would you like to upgrade the SUV model? It’s better to change the suspension. It’s up to you.

Appearance customization:

  Some people say the appearance of a car is as important as its performance. But to be honest, of course, they are important. Use the car body custom options, paint and film, speed stripes, burning tire smoke, chassis light and other contents to spread the super crazy creativity. You must be able to tell the world.

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Role Customization:

  For the first time, players will be able to customize their own characters and show their own clothing style in “fast pleasure”. We work with a number of different life brands to bring their sense of fashion into the game so that players can dress up their characters according to their wishes.

Engine sound Customization:

  Players can not only change the engine and its performance, but also adjust the engine sound according to their own preferences. Want the engine sound to match that fierce look? Then change it.

  In the game, players will enter the palm City inspired by Miami, participate in official competitions in the daytime, experience police bandit chase in the night, and participate in the whole story among police officers, street racing and other forces.

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“Need for Speed: Heat” : excellent works in 8.0 series for many years

[game cover]

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  “Need for Speed: Heat” has been released on PC / X1 / PS4 today, and ign has scored 8.0 points for this game.


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  According to the editor of IGN, “Need for Speed: Heat” is a game that integrates many existing concepts, but it is undoubtedly the most profound “Need for Speed: Heat” game in many years.

General comments:

  Although “Need for Speed: Heat” feels more like a fusion of all concepts, and there is no particularly new way to play it, ghost studio does draw some of the most popular ideas from it. This game is much more exciting than I thought. It is undoubtedly the most profound “Need for Speed: Heat” game in many years.

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“Need for Speed: Heat” media score: 76 points for station M

  “Need for Speed: Heat” ‘s initial score of station m has been published. By the time of writing, 8 of 11 reviews had positive reviews and 3 had medium reviews, with an average score of 76.

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  Among them, APP trigger and the games machine gave the highest score of 85 points. App trigger believed that this work revived this series. “There are many things to do, many contents to explore and unlock in the game. While experiencing the whole experience, it has the ultimate sense of racing pleasure. However, this feeling is hindered by the tedious rhythm and high difficulty in the later stage. If you haven’t invested in a game of “Need for Speed: Heat” for a while, now may be a good opportunity. “

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  IGN, VG247, hardcore gamer and other media gave this work 8 points of evaluation. They believe that the advantages of this work include a series of attractive elements and many new and fashionable elements. It is not only an exciting return but also a sign of going to the next generation.

  Usgamer, who gave the lowest score of 60, thought that this work was a mixture of ““Need for Speed: Heat” past series”. It’s a bit of revenge, a bit of old enemy, a bit of underground storm, a bit of heat trace. This has created a good foundation for the game, but the poor AI problems, the lack of diversity of events, and the lack of adjustment of the pursuit of police and bandits make him not good enough. “

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“Need for Speed: Heat” has entered the plant and the pressure plate will be ready on November 8

  Ben walker, EA’s global community manager, said on twitter that “Need for Speed: Heat” has entered the plateaus stage and the game will be available on November 8 as scheduled.

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  Since then, developers will still debug the game and modify the bug, but these will be added to the game as updates after the release. EA has previously confirmed that there will be no krypton gold box in this work, the chase experience between the main player and the police as well as highly customized functions. The game will log in to PS4 / Xbox one and PC.

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PC configuration requirements of “need for speed: heat”: minimum 760, 1060 recommended

  “Need for Speed: Heat” will be officially launched on November 8. The origin official website has given the configuration requirements of the PC side. Let’s take a look.

Minimum configuration:

  Operating system: Windows 10

  Processor (AMD): fx-6350 or equivalent

  Processor (Intel): core i5-3570 or equivalent

  Memory: 8GB

  Graphics card (AMD): radeon 7970 / radeon R9 280x or equivalent

  Graphics (NVIDIA): geforce GTX 760 or equivalent

  DirectX:11 Compatible Video card or equivalent

  Online connection requirements: 320kbps or faster network connection

  Hard disk space: 50GB

Recommended configuration:

  Operating system: Windows 10

  Processor (AMD): ryzen 3 1300X or equivalent

  Processor (Intel): core i7-4790 or equivalent

  Memory: 16 GB

  Video card (AMD): radeon rx480 or equivalent

  Graphics card (INVISTA): geforce GTX 1060 or equivalent

  DirectX:11 Compatible Video card or equivalent

  Online connection requirements: 512Kbps or faster network connection

  Hard disk space: 50GB

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  “Need for Speed: Heat” will be officially launched on November 8, and senior EA members can play in advance on November 5.